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About Holiday Money Exchange

Holiday Money Exchange

After established in 2019, it didn’t took long time for Holiday Money Exchange to become quite popular as one of the leading foreign currency exchange provider in Central London. Unbeatable rates and friendly customer service had been key reasons for this achievement even through a very rough time at travel industry.

At Holiday Money Exchange we take very serious on each and every deal we make to provide 100% customer satisfaction no matter what what currency or how much we are dealing with. For this reason most of our new customers are referred by our previous customers.

We check our rates daily with our competitors daily to offer the best rates to our customers. We offer great currency exchange rates on over 60 currencies at 0% commission.we offer BETTER RATES than High Street Banks, Airports, Post Office, Marks & Spencer, Travelex, Thomas Cook and High Street Bureau de Changes.

Why Holiday Money Exchange

Professional Services

Experience the professional yet friendly service at our 48 Tottenham Court Rd, London W1T 2EF Bureau de Change.

Competitive Rates

We are foreign currency experts. We precisely tailor our exchange rates which stands competitive in the market.

Working With You

Let's talk about your holiday which may allow us to advise you on how much foreign currency you need to carry.

Safe & Secure

Holiday Money Exchange Ltd is registered with HMRC and other regulatory bodies This gives you peace of mind and assures you of being in safe hands.